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Rustic Tomato and Vegetable Soup
Diced tomatoes join grated carrots and zucchini in this tasty soup.

Scallion and Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
Serve at room temperature with pita bread wedges.

Seedless Raspberry Sauce
This takes some patience, but you will be rewarded with a rich, seedless sauce, perfect for topping anything from fruit, to meat, to chocolate cake!

Skillet Zucchini with Chopped Tomatoes
Fast and easy side dish that's ready in minutes.

Spanish Omelet / Tortilla española
This tasty dish provides a healthy array of vegetables and can be used for breakfast, brunch, or any meal!

Spicy Asian Veggie Pasta
Serve this dish hot, at room temperature, or chilled as a side dish - to grilled salmon, for instance.

Spinach in Portobello Caps
Stuff portobello mushrooms with spinach, top with cream cheese, then cook until the cheese has softened.

Stacked Fruit Salad for One
Cover the salad loosely and refrigerate, unless you're ready to eat it at once.

Strawberry Spinach Salad
Sweet and savory combine into a delicious Spring salad.

Strawberry Spread
A healthy topper for toast, waffle or pancakes.
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