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The Surgical Setting

What will the surgical setting look like?

In the past, surgery may have meant a lengthy hospital stay to recover. Today, you now have several choices. Those choices depend on your diagnosis and type of surgery you need.

Inpatient surgery

For some surgeries, you will need to stay overnight or longer in a hospital. This is so the staff can carefully watch your recovery. You can get medical attention right away in case of problems.

Outpatient surgery

Many surgeries done today let you recover and go home on the same day. Or you may go home the next day. Outpatient surgery costs less, lowers stress, and speeds up your recovery. It also means you need to take less time off from work. Outpatient surgery may also be called same-day surgery, in-and-out surgery, or ambulatory surgery. And outpatient surgery is sometimes done in specialty surgical centers. They are:

  • Ambulatory surgery. Ambulatory surgery is done without admitting you to the hospital. The surgery may be done in the outpatient section of the hospital. Or it may be done in an outpatient surgical center or in a healthcare provider's office.

  • Specialty surgery centers. Certain medical specialties such as ophthalmology may be in an office separate from the hospital. These specialty centers offer full care, including outpatient surgery. Most outpatient centers have ties to hospitals. That means you can be admitted there if needed after surgery. 

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